Turn your Redstone blocks into real circuits

RedSi is a free service to turn your Redstone circuits into working Verilog code which can be compiled on an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)

Use Minecraft server  mc.redsi.me

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Many students today know how to create complex things in Minecraft using Redstone blocks, perhaps without understanding the real physical systems that can be built with the same types of components. RedSi turns Redstone circuits into a hardware description language through a simple Minecraft plugin.

You just need a server with the plugins WorldEdit and RedSi. After your circuit is built, select it with WorldEdit tools and then execute /redsi. It will generate the Verilog file and give you a download Url.

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Designed at PennApps XIV by

Max Bareiss

I made the Verilog generator.

Nick Felker

I made the Minecraft plugin.

Chris Frederickson

I made the Redstone to Verilog algorithm.

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